Impossibly Blue: Take Two

The sky was impossibly blue. Coastal roads carried us past miles of endless beach stretched out like a lover sweetly caressing the oncoming waves. Pearl Jam’s Black mixing with wind, floating out through open windows, this moment– a snapshot of sand between my toes, warm water lapping at my feet, his voice whispering in my […]

Take a Picture

“Take a picture,” he said, the white tassle of the Santa hat dangling in his eyes. I stared, not wanting him to see the desire hiding beneath my skin. His muscles tensed turning his tattoos into even more grotesque images of skulls and goblins, but I had always thought those pictures beautiful because they lived […]

Cold Tea and Ghosts

The tea and toast were stone-cold, but she didn’t notice. How could she, when he was there? His shadow wavered in the evening gloom, flickering against the striped wallpaper of the parlor. Jane sat, transfixed by the movement near the window. Her skin had broken out in goose flesh as the eerie phantom danced in […]

The Red Balloon

I wrote you a story about a red balloon that escaped from a carnival show. It had always imagined a life on the road, twisting and tumbling through a world made of wishes, but it could never escape the clutches of the clowns, their white painted faces and dirt painted hands gripping and curling his […]


The tarmac glistened under the afternoon sun. She could see heat radiating from the ground, a distinct shimmer rising from the blacktop making the world seem shiny and unreal. From her window, Jane saw workers scurrying about with last minute preparations for takeoff. Out there, standing at one of those distant windows, Tom stood, waving […]

21 Questions I Never Thought to Ask

How do you hold your knife because I can’t remember and which side of the bed is your favorite? I like the right and I think you like the left. I hate wondering these wonders because I know knowing will never be. But how do you drink your coffee: iced or hot, black or creamy […]

The Music Man

Music notes. A guitar riff–slow, fluid– plays heartbeats in the background. Stomach spins, bubbles building to a head-spinning high, and hot tears sting her eyes, a burning longing threatening to escape. She looks at him, sighs, steps outside for a smoke, memories of another sultry music man buried again. Written in response to the Weekly […]