I remember you left in the morning, carrying your shoes in your hand. Spring rain always reminds me of your sock-feet soughing against the floor. Rain fell all morning, awakening the earth. You slept, I sipped coffee, and spring sprung. When it’s over, remember the spring. See the moments when we bloomed instead of withered. […]

All the Things…

It’s all the things… We haven’t done or been or dreamed. We haven’t found or wanted or loved. It’s all the people… We haven’t touched or reached or seen. We haven’t held or kissed or loved. It’s all the needs… We haven’t shown or expressed or let go. We haven’t tried or sang or fought […]

The Other Side

Wicked fingers claw. You’re there, on the other side of nowhere, waiting to see if I’ll find my way to where you are. Footsteps fall, echo, live inside realities made of paper. Do you remember what it felt like to seek instead of hide? To yearn for the unknown? *** Here’s another one for Three […]