His shadow split long ago into black and white, leaving him in the deep gray of in between. Each step tears him a bit more, and he can’t stitch himself back together quick enough to make a difference. His thread thins into gossamer, a line so tenuous it trembles as it binds, cracks as it […]

Threads and Anchors

Dear Johnny, I want to write you the most beautiful letter, one so perfect that you can’t help but see me. I want to find the words that will convince you to show me your heart, to tell me the pieces you’ve lost and the ones you hope to find. This is all, of course, […]


Whispers at first, murmurs that became gasping chances to say your name, to have someone hear my voice and not just my words. I spilled, my mouth clogging with confessions because the weight eased, the pain lessened, and you tumbled from my heart in fumbling recaps in hopes I wasn’t wrong, in hopes someone else […]

Icarus and the Sun

I am Icarus flying too close to the sun. My hands start to melt, leaving wax stuck to the my feet, dripping through air, staining the ground with my need. Vacancy surrounds me but I’m almost there, and I can feel it burn, feel it fry my wings, dissolve them as they yearn to touch […]


A voice from the past, from behind doors I’ve locked in triplicate, coming through on white screens, this voice that asks, “What are you doing?” while I’m left wondering, “Why am I answering?” And I don’t know why except that it feels almost like it would feel if it were you and not him. If […]

That Real Conversation

“I can’t get over it.” “I know. I’m sorry.” “I am too.” “Maybe it’s best if we just give up. Do our best and just try and forget about it.” “How can you say that? After everything? I don’t know how to do that.” “It just seems like it’s what should happen. I mean, it’s […]

The Things We Keep

A necklace and some seashells they collected from the beach. Some snapshots in an album she can’t seem to throw away– the things she keeps. A box of time-worn letters and a CD abandoned when she left. One photo where he holds her and smiles– the things he keeps. What do these things, these leftovers […]