This is so intense, how much my life is affected by you. Of all the people in the world. You. Every moment, I feel like I’m breaking apart. I’m breaking apart, and I don’t understand what’s happening to me. I don’t recognize myself, this new person in the mirror. You still don’t seem real but […]


I am a swarm, a hive of moments, desires, needs that buzz and vibrate against my skin, begging to get out. I’m moving so quickly and I can’t slow down. I want the energy, the vibrance in your presence, your ever-hovering presence in my mind, like a swarm, a hive of moving, clinging, vibrating, delirious […]


Each request is a shedding of layers, a quiet submission burning my insides. This unquenchable need to be who you want, do what you want, it devours me, your letters burrowing beneath my flesh, digging their claws into my skin, holding on and forcing me to relinquish. I crave your voice in my ear, the […]

Who We Are

When you think about who someone is, who they really are, not some made-up image of who you want them to be, it’s not hard to recognize the truth, to see reality staring at you, those rose-colored glasses cast away and understanding looking at you under a direct gaze. I see, for once. Is this […]