Sometimes It’s Noon

Sometimes it’s three am and the walls look like phantoms or memories. I’m not sure which. Then it’s noon and I wonder why the sun is so bright when the shadows are so dark. Sometimes it’s raining and your voice pitter-patters on my rooftop, singing alongside the drops. Before I can think, it’s hot and […]

Torment and Boats

It would be really fucking nice to go one day, just one day without the presence of your absence to torment me, to walk all over my heart and mind because I’m tired of catching my breath when reminders sneak up on my unsuspecting feelings of what life might be like without you haunting me. […]

I’ll Remember You

I’ll remember you when I close my eyes, but times have changed and now I’m not the one anymore and we are nothing but pictures of you and me wrapped in a goodbye song. I try to have patience, to wait for the next time I fall in love with someone like you, but it’s […]