Each request is a shedding of layers, a quiet submission burning my insides. This unquenchable need to be who you want, do what you want, it devours me, your letters burrowing beneath my flesh, digging their claws into my skin, holding on and forcing me to relinquish. I crave your voice in my ear, the […]

Who We Are

When you think about who someone is, who they really are, not some made-up image of who you want them to be, it’s not hard to recognize the truth, to see reality staring at you, those rose-colored glasses cast away and understanding looking at you under a direct gaze. I see, for once. Is this […]

It’s the Words

I never realized it’s the words. The syllables, the vowels and consonants drifting from your fingers, the act of you writing, me reading, the tangiblity of them, the black and white smeared across my skin as I imagine these lines from your lips. It’s the writing, the heat pulsating from the letters that grips me, […]


It’s strange how we remember things differently, how people choose moments to keep and others to lose. Like the anticipation of a kiss, our lips brushing, our bodies touching, but never fully reaching a kiss. That night I forgot about in the back of that truck on the way home from a drive-in movie. How […]