There You Are

And there you are floating, floating up into atmospheres and stratospheres, higher, higher until the ground is a toy world populated with ants crawling, crawling behind doors, shutting, shutting each other out into darkness distant space walks between here and there, folding, folding into small paper packages floating, floating among pillars of dust left in […]

Someone Else’s Hands

I wonder why it’s you instead of someone else, why I’ve latched on to us like I have. It’s like they say, those mysterious knowers of the universe. Those pivotal moments in our lives shape who we become. I’ve had so many, but only one where love is concerned, at least romantic love, and it […]


These expectations keep chipping away, falling or crashing, I’m not sure which, into the darkness of future, of time’s sticky hands, spinning, twirling, mesmerizing me into tornadoes of details too fine to pinpoint, too blurry to believe, and I tumble like those expectations, crumble and splash through space, end over end, on and on, until […]

Plaster and Cement

I keep covering these cracks with plaster smiles and cement laughter that hangs heavy in the air, sticking to flaws like mean girls. Pretend and pretend, I put these vows in boxes, carry the weight of them on my hands, bury their meaning in living. Awake and awake, I imagine flowered fields and soft stretching […]

Faded and New

You’re so unreal, so ethereal, so faded and new at the same time. It’s like looking at an old photo, its edges fraying and tarnished, yet it’s a moment of shine, of good, of perfect, glossy and retouched yet dingy and old. That’s what you are– a movie of immaculate moments looping, a gif rewinding […]