You’ve Forgotten

You’ve officially forgotten. It’s been four years since you’ve seen a picture of my face, four years since you’ve needed to, wanted to, and I wonder if it’s been as easy as you make it look. I watch for you every day, still, even though you are years and miles and oceans away, I hope […]

4 a.m.

It’s four in the morning now. Are you sleeping? Your arms pulled tight against your chest, your knees curled high? Are dreams strolling through your mind, begging you to remember tomorrow so that you might see my face in your waking too? Is the air cool on your skin and the blankets cutting through the […]


I have kissed you a thousand times in my sleep. Underneath willow trees and below billowing winds, I’ve touched you a thousand times. A thousand times we’ve walked over crashing waves and across white peaks, and a thousand times I’ve heard your voice in my dreams. And although I’ve spent a thousand hours imagining your […]